Powdered Shikakai (fruit for hair)

Powdered Shikakai (fruit for hair)

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Acacia Concinna

Shikakai means “fruit for the hair”.

100% natural, pure and organic product.

- hair growth; < / span>

- prevents hair loss
- soft and shiny hair;
- Limits dandruff formation;

-prevents lice.
- It has a low pH which provides a gentle cleaning;

How to use it: add powder to shampoo or hydrating masks,

or mix the powder with water until it forms a paste with a dough consistency, put the scalp with your fingertips as a "shampoo" and remove with warm water. < / span>

It is suitable for everyone including pregnant and lactating women. Also suitable for very allergic people, although it is a 100% natural product, we recommend a test beforehand.

WEIGHT: 45gr
The product is certified as 100% organic